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Selamat Datang!

 Selamat datang ke laman web rasmi Malaysian National Pigeon Association. Matlamat kami adalah untuk menghidupkan kembali nostalgia yang telah lama dilupakan. Sebuah nostalgia yang telah memberikan kegembiraan dan persahabatan kepada generasi lama kami.

 Sesetengah mungkin memanggil ia hobi dan ramai peminat mungkin memanggil ia persahabatan diantara manusia dan burung. Walau apa sekalipun, hanya peminat burung merpati yang sebenar boleh memahami ikatan persahabatan yang boleh terjalin dengan haiwan ini. Kepercayaan, minat, dan kasih saying dalam membela burung merpati.




 Welcome to the official website of the Malaysian National Pigeon Association. Our aim is to bring back an old pastime that has long been forgotten and lost. A pastime that had brought our older generation, many hours of joy and everlasting friendship.

 Some may call it a hobby of sorts while many enthusiasts would rather refer to it as a partnership of man and bird. Call it what you may, but only a pigeon fancier or pigeon enthusiasts will understand this bond they have with their feathered friends. The trust, the love and the joy of pigeon keeping.

 Pigeons are the only birds known to mankind that has the homing capability to be set free from it’s enclosure and yet happily return to it’s loft miles away.



Go to Photo Gallery to view some of natures most exotic and majestic pigeons in the world.

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 Malaysian National Pigeon Association (MNPA)

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